Course Creator's Masterclass

Learn how to become a successful online course creator without all the painful mistakes and guesswork

What's Included in the course?

What's Included in the Course?

8 Weeks of Lessons

1-year access to a class workbook and 4+ hours of video released in modules over an 8 week span.

6 Months of Live Calls

Six monthly group calls where I'll answer all your questions about the course and check in on your progress.

Course Creator's Community

A private Facebook group where course participants can get together to ask questions and share progress.

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Meet Your Instructor

Hello!  I'm Liz and I'm an author, teacher, and online course creator.  In 2018, I started creating online courses with one follower (probably a scam account) and three years later over 170,000 people have watched my library of 50+ classes.  I can't wait to teach you how to make passive income through course creation!

How does the course work?

The course contains 7 modules: 

  • Your Background and Mindset
  • Planning and Platforms
  • Filming and Equipment
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Growing Your Following

For the first two months, I'll release a new module every two weeks.  Then for the remaining four months, I'll be there for you in monthly live calls where you can ask questions and request short tutorials.

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You may not be sure if you're ready to sign up.  I get it!  It's a lot of money!  I want you to get a peek inside the course so you can see how if you follow my process, you'll make your money back in no time.

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Can YOU Really Become a Successful Course Creator?


You may be thinking, “I could never become an online course creator because:

-I’m not an expert in my field”

-I don’t have any fancy film equipment”

-I don’t have a following”

If you’re like me three years ago, you could make a mile long list with reasons like these!  I want you to know that I started teaching online as a beginner in my field with no film equipment and 1 follower!

Three years later I have had over 170,000 students watch my library of 50+ classes and make an online income that would make my past self working in a desk job cry. 

The thing about teaching online is that 1) you get better with time and slowly become an expert in your field, 2) you can literally film classes using only your phone, and 3) if you make great classes people will find you and tell their friends

Your inner critic thinks you can't do it.

I know there is a deeply ingrained part of you that believes you can't become a successful course creator, but let me set him/her straight:  course creation is a job, and like most jobs, anyone can learn to do it with the right tools and support.

About This Course

Everything you need to become a successful course creator is in this class.  We’ll cover everything from choosing the right topics to marketing and growing a following.  I’ll show you my whole filming process and all my editing tricks (hello keyboard shortcuts)!

What if I need more help? 

The interactive portion of this course includes a Facebook group of course creators like you and 6 monthly live calls where I’ll answer all your questions and celebrate your wins!


I'm also offering 1 hour paid coaching sessions to anyone who completes this course.  So if you still feel like you need some help after the course, I'm here for you!  You'll have the ability to schedule and pay for a coaching session after you complete the course.


Not sure if you're ready to sign up?

No problem!  I can send you an email next time enrollment opens so you can consider it later.  In the meantime I'll send out occasional tips for course creators to anyone on my email list.

Keep Me in the Loop

Sign up to get occasional tips and tricks for online course creators in your inbox.

What's Included in the Class?


  • Your Background and Mindset (Available immediately)
    1. Benefits of Course Creation
    2. Identify your mental blocks
    3. Hear my background and teaching story
    4. Identify your topic(s) and teaching goals
    5. Learning to teach
    6. Your teaching style
    7. Class research and brainstorming
    8. Class ideas lists
    9. Write your About You content
    10. Using the course Facebook Group
  • Planning (Available immediately)
    1. Choosing a topic
    2. Finding the right platform for you
    3. Using social media as a platform
    4. Youtube, Skillshare, Udemy, and Kajabi
    5. Planning your class
    6. Live tutorials
    7. Teaching style/performance
    8. Writing copy for class descriptions, titles
    9. Class marketing photos
  • Filming (Available Feb. 25th)
    1. Audio considerations and equipment
    2. Video considerations and equipment
    3. Audio/video testing
    4. Film backgrounds/angles
    5. Lighting and positioning
    6. Film day!
    7. Filming order
    8. Class slides/supporting media
    9. Supporting media/marketing content
  • Editing (Available March 11th)
    1. iMovie vs Premiere Pro
    2. Editing in iMovie
    3. Editing in Premiere Pro
    4. Multi camera editing
    5. Music sources and considerations
    6. Keyboard shortcuts for editing
    7. Exporting
  • Publishing (Available March 11th)
    1. Publishing your class
    2. PPD (Post Publish Depression)
    3. Consistency tips
    4. What if no one watches?
  • Marketing (Available March 25th)
    1. Choosing marketing platform(s)
    2. Marketing basics
    3. Knowing your Audience
    4. Marketing plan
    5. Post visuals
    6. Post types
    7. Lead magnets
  • Growing Your Following (Available April 8th)
    1. Do you need a website?
    2. Website options
    3. Mailing list options
    4. Mailing list considerations
    5. Tracking your success
    6. Marketing schedulers

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